Sunday, November 6, 2011


Contribution by Saul Martin

When we moved to Texas, I realized that we could shop electric rates in your area. We moved from Georgia and an area where we only had one energy provider. Basically, they could set their rates and could have terrible customer service if they wanted to. It really didn’t matter because there weren’t any other options. Now that we have moved to Texas, I am excited that we were able to get a good low energy rate. Now we have more money every month than we did in Georgia. Another good thing is that there is never a question about the accuracy of our bill. Even if there were a problem with the bill, I know that it wouldn’t take days for them to get out and service the problem. I also know that I wouldn’t have to spend tons of time on the phone trying to get through a phone tree. Time is money and I love to save time that is for sure!

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